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I'm OK You're Not - A Journey In Personal Discovery

   I’m OK, You’re Not, A Journey in personal Discovery, is intended as a light hearted, non PhD view of human nature and may give a fleeting glimpse into the realities that may be at the root of many of our social problems today.

    During the book I challenge the reader to examine the elements in their own personal lives, I guide them in their journey and ask the questions, but they must provide the answers. Answers based solely on their current reality. A journal or recorder of some type is required to gain the full benefit of the work. What started as therapy for me, somewhat effective therapy, has grown to an entertaining read as well as an opportunity for self reflection to all individuals. The work, fourteen chapters in all, is available both in print and audio book formats.

                                            CHAPTER OVERVIEW

Chapter One - Get over it - Investigation into the things we need to get over, in order to get closer to who we are. The main message here is that things are never as bad as we think they are and much of our worry is overrated and generated by outside influences.

Key points: Morale compass; Commandments; Issues; Emotional wakes; Get Over it worksheet.


Chapter Two - Psychosis Shmycosis – Just as there is a name for every medical ailment there is a name for every mental ailment and they seem to multiply daily. Key points: Myriad of afflictions, depression, over medicated America; meditation; psychological attacks

Chapter Three - The Gift - In prioritizing the numerous psychological attacks we face as part of today’s society, I looked first to the gifts that we often receive on a daily basis.

Chapter Four - What in the Heck? – Guides reader to look around and get closer to what they think and feel about the current realities of their world. Key points: DaVinci; Education or not; Why do we do what we do Diagram;


Chapter Five - Friends and Enemy’s - This area is perhaps the strongest application of, and need to understand, the I’m OK You’re Not mind set, for if handled improperly these relationships can cause significant detriment to you personally now and well into the future. Key points: Room full of jerks; quote; Reactional Analysis; people types;


Chapter Six – Transitions - We all go through transitions, both good and bad. Good transitions lift our spirits and we are assured that the light at the end of the tunnel is near. There is, unfortunately, always another tunnel, the tracks that lead to the tunnels are always laid by others; Key points: The Secret; death and dying; marriage and divorce, jail, hormonal transitions; leaving the nest;


Chapter Seven - Lessons from Religion - Religion can be linked as the cause of several wars. Yet wars do not all contain blood shed and carnage, they can also be waged through oppression, ridicule or isolation as in war of words, war of wills, or war of beliefs. Why is one belief or one person, superior to another? Key points: Beliefs, Accountant vs. the Garbage collector; 


Chapter Eight - Authority and Politics – Examines the emotional turmoil that may result from our thoughts of, or dealings with, those in authority and politics. Key points: Politicians, public interest,


Chapter Nine - Unhappy at work or in life, why are you really? – Provides reflective guidance into recurring cycles of unhappiness.  Key points: Have fun, play nice; circles of influence;


Chapter Ten - Bosses, will always be bosses - Stories about bosses, interchangeable for our purposes with the word customers, are not hard to generate, both good and bad. This chapter examines the realities of these relationships. Key points: Attila the Hun; Dilbert; Good worker gone bad.


Chapter Eleven - Stand up for you, no one else will –   There are plenty of people who live their lives taking pleasure in belittling or controlling others. This may be a little bit of a cliché but if you don’t, who will? Key points: Vision; Art of War; choices; don’t make a scene.


Chapter Twelve - Choose or lose, it’s your choice - While the primary premise of this book is that you are OK just the way you are, through your journey of discovery, you may have found some things that define you that are influenced by others, the their not’s. This chapter is dedicated to focusing you on the fine tuning, and the guidance to tweak the things you want, to move closer to your true self, instead of a mold cast by others. Key points: Support groups; addiction; influence; contract with yourself.


Chapter Thirteen - I can’t do it! -   The thought of “I can’t do this or that” is purely driven by your perception of other peoples thoughts of you, or your views of what society might think if someone like you did “this or that” . Key points: Life accomplishment; reflection; urges; values.


Chapter Fourteen - Don’t look back, but always remember where you came from.

  Now that you are confident that you are just fine the way you are, or at least capable of making your own change, on your terms, remember not to look back. You are fine just the way you are, you are and always will be, you. You’re OK. 


Questions – A complete listing of all the reflective questions asked in the book.


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