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I’m OK – Your Journey in Personal Discovery Group

I’m OK – Your Journey in Personal Discovery by : Jim Tippett

 The workshop is intended to serve as a safe and non-judgmental support group to aid you in your journey of self discovery. It will help you break from manipulated pasts and regain your self-esteem and confidence. It will not only get you in touch with who you are, but also confirm to you just how great you are, right now and show that anything you want to change is up to you and within your control, you’re OK. 

  Jim offers group workshops and individual sessions. There is a class fee of $20.00 to attend and participants must register. (Space is limited) The class is two (2) hours long. 
   Individual sessions are also available by appointment. For more information and to register for workshops or schedule an individual session please e-mail jdt@imokyourenot.com or call me at 1-716-860-2189

I'm OK - Workshop                             

 Every Saturday (with adequate registration)
 10:00am -
   12 noon
Call to schedule

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I'm OK at Work, Workshop Series <NEW>

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